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Flexible Safety Barriers & Bollards

Boplan develops and produces durable fall and impact protection. Protection for people, vehicles, buildings and infrastructures is the main priority.
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Flex Impact® - Stress tests TB Double 260 & TB 400 (EU)

Test beyond normal operational speed (2.500kg at 17km/h into TB Double 260)
Test realistic 20° impact angle at normal operational speed (2500kg at 8km/h into TB 400)

By L.I.E.R. labratories (now Transpolis) on Flex Impact® guardrails by Boplan®
Transpolis is a certified test center for transport/road vehicles & equipment.
Boplan designs, develops and manufactures durable and extremely effective safety barriers for demanding environments. The focus is on the protection of people, vehicles, buildings and infrastructure. We only use high-quality and extremely strong plastics, so the features of traditional raw materials become meaningless.

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